[아이즈 = 강명석 기자] A man named TAEYANG crouches in the dark. And then, he slowly walks out. This is what his title track “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” is like, from his new album <RISE>. Even his M/V takes him in an extremely close-up and then moves away to show his entire body. The song takes us through a very detailed and slow journey, one that guides us to slowly reach the feeling instead of immediately to the emotion. There are no high notes in the melody, but instead reaches the climax very slowly. The beat that was glued as one becomes separated in more details as the melody goes on. The journey that could seem too slow is the bitter journey the singer had to go through. When the song ends, the man leaves the darkness of his heart and into the light. Leaving out all techniques and performances, TAEYANG became an ordinary man who sings about the long-gone love with his heart instead of his voice, getting out of the shell of a big star. This is the journey the star walked on for the last 4 years, producing this album. He embarked on a journey when he began preparing for the album, and now I am here with him, who returned with the new album. What kind of a person did he become, after the years of his journey?


태양 '지난 4년은 내 안의 나를 찾기 위한 여정'


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