140731 Taeyang on Hype Trak

Taeyang: No Boundaries

K-Pop has experienced double digit growth rates over the past decade and in 2012, Time Magazine declared it South Korea’s greatest export when it injected roughly $3.4 billion dollars into the country’s economy. With those type of numbers, there’s no denying the fact that a seismic shift is happening in K-Pop, and it’s beginning to stretch far beyond it’s origins of Korea. It’s becoming global, and YG Entertainment has earned it’s spot at the forefront of the wave thanks largely in part to Psy, 2NE1, G-Dragon, Big Bang and the man of the hour himself, Taeyang. In addition, they all work collectively within the YG Entertainment imprint ran by Yang Hyun-Suk. So at last, we had the opportunity to chat with Korea’s #1 R&B singer and discuss his new album which not only made Billboard’s top 200 chart worldwide, but it also made Rise the highest ranking album ever by a male Korean soloist. Check out what Taeyang had to say about that and his musical journey during our discussion below.

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