140709 BIG BANG’s Taeyang Shares Stories Behind Creation Of Hit Songs

Big Bang’s Taeyang spoke up about some of his songs as well as G-Dragon′s image.

Taeyang guested on the July 8’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Tablo and Dreaming Radio and shared some stories behind his activities as a singer.

During the radio show, Tablo introduced three songs that remind him of Taeyang.

The first song was Big Bang’s Lies. Tablo said, “I get the chills when I hear the piano sound from this song,” and Taeyang shared, “This is the song that allowed not only Taeyang but Big Bang to stand where it is now. Thanks to this song, we were able to spread our name to more people and be recognized.”

Taeyang continued, “This song was originally G-Dragon’s solo song but CEO Yang suggested that we all sing it together so we recorded it together. The song received love from many people as soon as it came out. The song was actually very different from our previous songs. We were switching from hip-hop to electro so I wondered whether it would succeed or not but the result came out great.”

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