140624 Taeyang’s Fan Meetings & Surprise Mini Concert Information

Date: June 26, 2014 (Thursday) @ 9PM
Place: Jade Hall @ 12th Floor, U-Plex, Sinchon (Only winners can enter)

How to Join:
1) Buy the album from M2U Records, Sinchon Branch
Period: June 20-23
Winners: 180
List of winners will be posted on the 24th on http://cafe.daum.net/m2urecord and http://blog.daum.net/m2urecords

2) For Official VIP Fan Club Members, info on how to join is posted on the fan club website.
Winners: 20

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[INSTAGRAM] 140623 Taeyang shares ice cream support from fans


Taeyang updated his instagram with a photo of Ice Cream small shop from URTHESUN, a 3rd support for Taeyang’s comeback!

He captioned “우아 🍦😛👍❤ #FAN #GIFT #ICECREAM 너무 좋아요! #감사해요”
The Korean which means “uwa, i like it very much!”

Thanks URTHESUN and other fansite’s support to him :)