[FANACC] 140626 stories about Taeyang Hug event  

On June 26th 2014, Taeyang held a special hug event for the fans, in Busan!  :D how lucky they are. Now, here is several beautiful stories they’ve shared for us.

It was like a mini fan meeting !” Taeyang sang “Eyes Nose Lips” without instrumental accompaniment.

Taeyang did “Pizza dance“. He did all steps to make a pizza Haha and he threw the virtual pizza to fans.

Some fans asked Taeyang to hug them from the back (Back-hug) & Taeyang did it! and some fans danced with him.

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[FANACC] Taeyang treated fans with ice cream


A fanaccount in Weibo says that she and her friends were treated an ice cream by Taeyang! What does the account tell?

“I saw Taeyang eating ice cream at YG yesterday. 3 JVIPS and I were standing in the rain and seeing him eating the ice cream. Then, Taeyang went back into YG, but suddenly he went back and  said “come on! Come and eat the ice cream!”. Finally we ran there and got the ice cream”

What a lucky fan! :)

Source : 艾米是姜校草顏飯啊 on Weibo
Translator : YoungHomie518