Requirements are:

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Everyone in every country can join this position, but we’ll be picking up the one from countries which Taeyang usually visit first

1. You need to have a good quality of camera. (we don’t say the expensive ones, the HD ones, but the one with a rather good focus)

2. Willing to take photos at airport whenever he comes (not necessary)

3. Willing to take photos at concert, with focus on Taeyang (necessary)

4. Can record a video of Taeyang’s performance on stage (not necessary)

5. You can put your name on the photo, under OFT watermark! (example : “SHOT BY @………”)

note : main-admin will teach you how to watermark

GOODS SELLER: Everyone in every country, can sell a handmade goods which designed by ONEFORTAEYANG! (check designs and goods HERE)

1.  All benefit is yours! :)

2. It’ll more be nice if you have PayPal, so you can sell goods worldwide. More buyers! ;)

TWITTER UPDATORS : In case if OFT Twitter Admins is busy with their own jobs, you can contribute in OFT Family as Twitter Updator!

1. Willing to hear the advice from Master

2. VERY OFTEN in Twitter! (i can see your timeline…)

APPLICATION FORM: (Copy and Paste this form and send to our email with subject “PHOTOGRAPH” or “SELLER” or “TWITTER UPDATOR”)

Past Photo taken (
for Photographer applicants):
LINE (if have)
Active Twitter Account:

So if you love Taeyang, think that you’re qualified to be one of us, willing to show your love to him, join our OFT Family by sending email application to! ^_^

Looking forward for your applies!

Love, OFT staffs

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