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Taeyang 2nd Solo Album this October

“Taeyang’s solo album will have a double title. Another MV to be filmed before comeback in mid-october!”

Following G-Dragon and SeungriTaeyang is said to be up as the next Big Bang member to make a solo comeback this

Yang Hyun Suk revealed to fans earlier this year that they were planning on a solo release for Taeyang around September, but as expected, it seems to have been delayed. However, according to multiple music insiders, we will be seeing Taeyang soon as they say he’ll be making his long awaited return with double title tracks for his new album this October!

One insider stated, “Taeyang is currently putting the finishing touches on his solo album. Taeyang personally participated as a producer for this album and put his heart and soul into the production which is why the album release date was pushed back later than expected.”


“As [Taeyang] already filmed the music video for one of his double title tracks, his solo comeback will be coming soon. There is a high possibility that [Taeyang] will release his solo album mid-October.”

It seems we’ll all have to keep our eyes wide open for any potential details to come!
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